Cami Park

Dangerous Fruit Stores

In Drama, History, Nutrition on June 18, 2009 at 12:27 am

“It is possible to look at evil so steadily that other evils, almost equally menacing, are unnoticed.  Evidently in a desire to curb the saloon and the poolroom the growing evil of gambling and other demoralizing features of fruit stores has been overlooked.”

1904 News Article by William Bodine (Chicago Ill. Post)

It’s about time someone spoke up about this in 1904.

  1. i’m going to file this clipping in my library filing cabinet. i hope every man realizes the greatnecessity of systematically filing clippings. and i hope every other man realizes that greatnecessity is one word and not two.

  2. I like that library filing cabinet, because there’s all that room for your Clippings, Memo’s, Data, Etc, plus two extra drawers for your socks and underwears.

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