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Always an orphanage

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[Acknowledging Death Was in the Room…]
John Pursley III

Acknowledging death was in the room, she unwound the clocks & removed the jewelry from the nightstand– the small stack of coins & the blue plastic pillbox that never stayed closed. She ran water in the bathroom, working her hands along the porcelain basin of the sink, refolded the towels and plucked, from the carpet, the small bits of leaves they’d ushered in on their shoes. Outside, a train knocked against the trestles towards Chicago, or Detroit, some city she couldn’t quite conceive of– all those buildings butting up against one another, & to what end? Here is a circle. And here, a square. Here is the rectangle where [insert famous name] saved an orphanage from destruction by fire. Always an orphanage, or runaway bride– a kidney-shaped pool being drained of water. Always the encapsulary fragment that says we are moved…are moving. And what of it? she might have asked, his clothes neatly stacked by the door to their bedroom, what of it?

This one’s for you, Kid

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Your Dog Dies
Raymond Carver

it gets run over by a van.
you find it at the side of the road
and bury it.
you feel bad about it.
you feel bad personally,
but you feel bad for your daughter,
about the dog getting run over by a van
and how you looked after it,
took it out into the woods
and buried it deep, deep,
and that poem turns out so good
you’re almost glad the little dog
was run over, or else you’d never
have written that good poem.
then you sit down to write
a poem about writing a poem
about the death of that dog,
but while you’re writing you
hear a woman scream
your name, your first name,
both syllables,
and your heart stops.
after a minute, you continue writing.
she screams again.
you wonder how long this can go on.

I’m sorry, rollerfink. Kid was the best. He’s with Corey Haim (Rambo’s Little Brother!) now.

Stop eating our shows!

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show zombie courtesy of rollerfink


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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Margaret Watches The Misfits
Rebecca Loudon

It’s the way Marilyn’s mouth moves;
upper lip swabbing her teeth,
a constant undulation.
Her long breasts slope,
loose against the white blouse,
its little darts tucked
for women without breasts.

Margaret unravels the fringe
on her bedspread one braid at a time,
fanning the frizzed yarn.
In a year she has made it nearly half
way around. She sips port from a child’s
plastic cup, hair a brown scrub.
All that Nevada dust presses
into her clothes, pushing, insisting.

Clark Gable’s paunch sloops
under his cowboy shirt, new jeans
pulled up to his chest. Eli Wallach
pumps his fat, clumsy legs against
Marilyn’s ass. Margaret pours
another cup of port as they suck
at the blonde’s mouth, lift her
off the porch, their white arms
soft as bread.

The mustangs kick and jerk
at Margaret’s ribs. Hooves,
sharp blades, pummel her heart.
She curls fists against stomach,
dry hair wisping as she leans
toward the floor to smooth
the bedspread with her hands.


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[felled like cloven lumber]

Because it’s important

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Mike Mitchell

Make a statement.

We love you get up

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They spell very greatly

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Pulled off and cast aside

In Celebrity, Poetry, T-shirt on November 23, 2009 at 12:24 am

P.T. Anderson‘s Tee

I wish I were P.T.
Anderson‘s t-shirt so
I could know cool movie stars with
cool haircuts like John C. Reilly
and Adam Sandler, and sometimes,
maybe, I could get pulled
off and cast
aside by Fiona Apple.

I bet I wouldn’t even get
that sweaty,
most of the time.


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The Daily FaustoFausto, you are the only king left to us!