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Maybe crying

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Sam Taylor-Wood

Sam Taylor-Wood

Maybe crying is childish but in a good way.

Maybe crying isn’t everything.

If you were standing next to someone who was visibly upset, maybe crying?

Maybe crying after orgasm is a result of pain or of hurt feelings.

Other times I dream that, after a few drinks, we find ourselves in the sauna at YMCA talking about the old times, laughing, maybe crying.

i understand maybe crying for an oscar or a grammy, but a kids choice award?

Maybe crying is an exception.

On the other hand, maybe crying is a functionless byproduct of increased autonomic activity in distressed individuals.

Pay Raises — Maybe Crying To The Mayor Will Get Results From City.

Maybe crying is something you should try more often.

I was rubbing her back and it seems like she was sad and maybe crying, I’m not sure.

You’re thinking: Maybe crying‘s not such a bad idea…. Whoa. Hold it right there.

Not shrieking, necessarily, but maybe crying and acting cranky.

BRAND: And maybe crying a little bit on the outside.

We are not freezers of bears

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Hitler's Mustache, poems by Peter Davis

These Things
Peter Davis

I’ve been meaning to say something.
I’d love to go on and on about how artists aren’t conduits
or special. We are not freezers of bears. We aren’t
shaman or conjurers and nothing we do is mysterious.
I could just go on and on about how people are like
“it just flowed through me” and “it happened” and
“enlightenment” and, you know, the general
mystery thing and super good, good thing. It’s like
everyone is special. I mean, like artists
as prophets and whatnot, getting all deep
in the belly of the goodness shark, gnashing away at injustice
and silliness, being better, being more than, being
the Jones’. O how I hate the idea of Talent and Exceptional
and Gifted and Blessed and Touched. I could go on and on.
Or, I’ve also been thinking about family and how it happens
that one has one and one lives with one and so on. But then
other things happen, like not going on and on. Like not
saying these things. Like not anything happening.
At those moments I end up slightly confused, looking
at myself in a mirror and feeling like a dead god.

The speed of light is the right speed

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Attila! by Short Hand

Muscly back

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Avon Book Cover #1505

I wrote Beautiful Plague for the year 1505 for for every year.

The leaves on the paths ran like rats

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Annysa Ng

Annysa Ng

Wallace Stevens

When the elephant’s-ear in the park
Shriveled in frost,
And the leaves on the paths
Ran like rats,
Your lamp light fell
On shining pillows
Of sea shades and sky shades
Like umbrellas in Java.

Hey hey hey, monsters

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Anatomical Diagrams of Mythical Japanese Monsters


excerpt from I Will Unfold You With My Hairy Hands
Shane Jones

The hair monster checked out the ass of a handicapped woman. She was standing with her back turned when the hair monster noticed her panty line against her white tights and thought, hey hey hey. He was a typically lonely hair monster, and often looked at women trying to imagine what it would feel like to caress their human skin.

He kept watching her as she walked away.  And that’s when he noticed her hands balled up against her chest, her chin tucked down and rubbing against her knuckles as she shuffled her feet. The hair monster looked away, feeling ashamed, questioning  just what kind of hair monster he really was. His mother had raised him better.

(thanks to Crispin Best for pointing me to this story)

Wtf, Punctuation Day

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“When Hemingway killed himself, he put a period at the end of his life. Old age is more like a semicolon.”– Kurt Vonnegut

How Many Spaces After a Period: One or Two?



! ! ! is pronounced by repeating thrice any monosyllabic sound. Chk Chk Chk is the most common pronunciation, but they could just as easily be called Pow Pow Pow, Bam Bam Bam, Uh Uh Uh, etc.

The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Markscmd+shift design blog


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YouTube - Stray Cats - Fishnet Stockings

Handbook for the Woman Driver: A Must for the Woman at the Wheel – 1955

Clothes and Beauty En Route (page 173)

Stockings: Practical as American women are, they often have a phobia against wearing stockings suitable for the occasion. For everyday wear, even with walking shoes, women buy hose far more sheer than what was considered evening weight just a few years ago. Have some sheer nylons for dressy occasions, but for the trip consider a medium-weight stocking (45-15 is good), knowing it is sheer enough to flatter your legs, yet able to take strain. If stockings are too short or skimpy, their tops may cut into your thighs as you drive, and they won’t be long enough for you to garter them to your girdle without pulling uncomfortably.


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Gadjo Dilo's Photostream

Why Are Your Poems So Dark?
Linda Pastan

Isn’t the moon dark too,
most of the time?

And doesn’t the white page
seem unfinished

without the dark stain
of alphabets?

When God demanded light,
he didn’t banish darkness.

Instead he invented
ebony and crows

and that small mole
on your left cheekbone.

Or did you mean to ask
“Why are you sad so often?”

Say farewell

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