Cami Park


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Abjective New World The Beat Being Allen Ginsberg Corium Magazine Eating Heart elimae after life Everyday Genius Monday, March 29, 2010 for every year The Night of the Day the Khoi-Khoi Meet Bartolomeu Dias and Crew Queen Isabella Eats a Pineapple and Misses the Jews Beautiful Plague Obliteration of the Reinheitsgebot Machiavelli Answers Questions Online Literary Magazines Ask Other Authors Last Meals of the Saints Eustachi’s Lost Plate Forklift, Ohio Pete Jones’ Canadian Bacon Pizza FRiGG Magazine The Fable of the Fox and the Grapes The Oddest Thing Ever Found in a Pocket Mountain Country Hobart Slut Whore JMWW Flying or Falling Juked Junkie Jesus at the Drive-Thru > kill author Made From Scratch Matchbook Anemia Necessary Fiction The Golden City New Wave Vomit Ken Night Train Two Poems No Tell Motel When Good Cholesterol Goes Bad NOÖ Journal Everyone the Same, But Not At Once Opium Magazine A Conversation Between Bacon and Eggs My Love Affair With The Unknown Comic PANK Telling Maybelline Jones Windowers Pindeldyboz Lisa Duncan’s Mom Prick of the Spindle When You Heard Requited Ivan the Terrible Tells Us How He’s Been Rumble 3 Microfictions Smokelong Quarterly I Can’t Talk About Butter Because Margarine Is All I Know The Names of Things On Mondays, Francesca Takes the Stairs Phase Changes Staccato Fiction Glory Ward 6 Review A Conversation About Momentum Wheelhouse Magazine Family Narrative Many Stories Wigleaf Even the Smallest


Artifice Magazine Issue 2 Bureau De Books Questions About Life and Shit Dzanc Best of the Web 2010 Flatmancrooked Flatmancrooked’s Slim Volume of Contemporary Poetics GUD Magazine Issue 1 Forklift, Ohio Issue #14 No Tell Motel The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel NOÖ Journal Issue [11] 2010 Quick Fiction Quick Fiction 12 Smokelong Quarterly Smokelong Annual 2004-2005 Wrong Tree Review Volume 1, Issue 1

Amber Sparks Cami Park Makes A Sort-of-List About the Ancient City
American Chronicle Kim Chinquee and Rusty Barnes on Flash Fiction — an Interview
The Binnacle Honored Writer, Third Annual Ultra-Short Competition
Dzanc Books Selected for inclusion in Best of the Web 2010
Flatmancrooked Finalist, Flatmancrooked 1st Annual Poetry Prize
Kelly Spitzer SmokeLong Quarterly Issue 16: A Review by Darby Larson
Mel Bosworth Reads Things Windowers
Rose Metal Press Semi-finalist, Fourth Annual Short Short Chapbook Contest
Salt Flats Annual Finalist, book o’ salt Flash Contest
VIPs on VSF Titling Very Short Fiction
Wigleaf Long Shortlist for the Top 50 [very] Short Fictions, 2008 & 2010

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