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YouTube - Portishead - Roads

Connect 4 Strategy

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A beautiful scene.


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There is no longer butter inside these boxes:

Butter Butter Butter

I find that misleading.

Pocket by Tim Horvath

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I read this today over at DIAGRAM. I liked it a lot. It’s crazy inventive in so many ways, but mostly I thought, who would think of not making pocket plural? It integrated into the story so well, and the author got so much out of it.  In a note about the piece at the very end, Tim Horvath says, “(((()))) If the string theorists are right, the universe teems with hidden dimensions; pockets abound. To make even a single new one, then, is to play at being God,” which is an amazing thing to say, I think.

So, read that, I would suggest.

Farrah is missing

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Beauty Supply

Buy a dishwasher and have an orgasm instead

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He was easy to buy for

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My first boyfriend
wore t-shirts all the time.
He had glasses, and
dimples when he smiled.

He was the first boy
I ever really
loved who
ever really loved

I think he wears ties and stuff now.

Quick Fiction 15

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Quick Fiction 15

The day Quick Fiction comes in the mail is a good day. I haven’t finished it yet, but this, from Andrew Michael Roberts’ The Inconspicuous Beginning of Our Disappearance, struck me as such an exquisite opening sentence in a microfiction work that I wanted to save it for always, and also share with anyone that happens to wander by here:  “This was the year they found owls wound in twine at the bases of burned-out trees and the river’s mouth stuffed with girls who’d kissed its mirror and drowned in their complicated names.” The rest of the sentences are pretty good, too.

Also, Andrea Kneeland’s The Practical Application of Beauty is just exactly that. I caught my breath.

It really is a lion

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The boat is a pineapple.
Your head is a zipper.
My hands are garbage bags.
The jungle is a ruby.
Your teeth are strawberries.
The water is cotton.
His pajamas are linoleum.
Her feet are my hands.
The air is glass.

People I wish I could be more like

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Julia Child
Thomas Jefferson
Halle Berry
Albert Camus
American Maid
Mr. T

Hypatia Problem

Tangents too often ambiguous.