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Angela Simione

Received this resonant thing in the mail today from Angela Simione, so I thought I’d do one of my link collages in honor. Enjoy (hopefully).

It is easy to say, but believe me it is horrifying to see 20 people die in front of you.

It takes some serious nerve to have a person die in front of you, and ask people how good your lighting is.

I believe that seeing someone you love die in front of you or watching your own body collapse makes it more difficult to act in bad faith.

Suppose you have a (possibly biased) die in front of you.

I remember covering the famine in Sudan and seeing people die in front of you.

It would be exquisite to die in front of you, I thought.

when he turns 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years old so he wont die in front of you fatass!!

Otherwise I’ll die in front of you.

It’s not the greatest feeling I tell ya but to watch mates etc die in front of you in time of war?????

Like, I could write about the Triple Crown, but it’s hard to wrap your arms around a sport where the star athletes have a tendency to, you know, die in front of you.

Dying mice may come out from their hiding places and die in front of you.

Shall we die in front of you just because all our silver is gone?

Feel for the winter but

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Don’t worry about this, you’re not messed up, you don’t have a cold heart.

your cold heart?? You don’t have a cold heart haha. Only towards men.

I don’t have a cold heart, I miss and love all of my Grandparents.

2. line: although you don’t have a cold heart killing somebody (in this case yourself) can be seen as a cold action

Well, I don’t have a cold heart but I do get chest pains whenever I eat or drink something extremely cold.

I don’t have a cold heart of stone you just hit on the wrong girl.

I like the cold, but I don’t have a cold heart.

hey I do have feelings and I don’t have a cold heart!

Don’t have a cold heart.

You don’t have a cold heart if you’d rather preserve the planet in which you live, making life dependent on for existence. Not at all.

My cold heart will never cause me grief, I don’t have a cold heart.

You most certainly DO NOT have a cold heart.


Maybe crying

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Sam Taylor-Wood

Sam Taylor-Wood

Maybe crying is childish but in a good way.

Maybe crying isn’t everything.

If you were standing next to someone who was visibly upset, maybe crying?

Maybe crying after orgasm is a result of pain or of hurt feelings.

Other times I dream that, after a few drinks, we find ourselves in the sauna at YMCA talking about the old times, laughing, maybe crying.

i understand maybe crying for an oscar or a grammy, but a kids choice award?

Maybe crying is an exception.

On the other hand, maybe crying is a functionless byproduct of increased autonomic activity in distressed individuals.

Pay Raises — Maybe Crying To The Mayor Will Get Results From City.

Maybe crying is something you should try more often.

I was rubbing her back and it seems like she was sad and maybe crying, I’m not sure.

You’re thinking: Maybe crying‘s not such a bad idea…. Whoa. Hold it right there.

Not shrieking, necessarily, but maybe crying and acting cranky.

BRAND: And maybe crying a little bit on the outside.