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Say farewell

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Dance Dance Industrial Revolution

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celebrate Steampunk and the age of Victorian sci-fi qotw: other people's diaries

Be me in voice

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

page 439 Finnegans Wake


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con⋅tra⋅pun⋅tal [kon-truh-puhn-tl] – composed of two or more relatively independent melodies sounded together.

Elizabeth Murray "Empire"

Elizabeth Murray "Empire"

“Jorif offers us a contrapuntal approach to the usual history of slavery and law in early modern America. . . . We are more often engaged in arguments over whether an action is just than over whether an injustice has been done. Jorif’s study. . . . gives us a new handle on this problem by positing, among his observations, that the community that arises out of, or coalesces around, acts of loving forgiveness are just in ways that the law never approaches.” – Prof. Jon-Christian Suggs, review of How Slave Narratives Influenced American Literature by Rolando Leodore Jorif

A very straightforward blog post of new things to read

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Juked #5 is all up and online and in your business. I haven’t read it yet, but it must be good, featuring fiction from writers like Liz Prato, Craig Snyder, and Marianne Villanueva, poetry from others like James Belflower, Shawn Fawson, and Sarah Blackman, plus an interview of Claudia Smith by Kelly Spitzer.

I have read the new decomP, and especially liked the flash pieces by Ravi Mangla, Michelle Reale, and J. A. Tyler, and the poetry by C. L. Bledsoe and Jen Shalliol.


A good Saturday

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Okay, so The Collagist opened today, and it looks great and has great writing (I particularly liked the particular poem Autumn Scene as Lullaby, by Oliver de la Paz), which is all well and good.

But Saturday is Abjective day, and Eric Beeny‘s story this week, Milk Like a Melted Ghost,  is no exception. To being a story in Abjective on Saturday, I mean. Another one that makes me realize how original combinations of words and sentences and paragraphs can be.  An example: Little yellow birds flew out of their shells, she fell to her knees, the birds flying around her head, a locked cage. This image is going to be flying around my head for some time, I think.

Something else, though– Kim Chinquee has 3 stories in The Collagist, one of which very coincidentally has a connection with Eric Beeny’s Abjective story. I won’t say exactly what, because I don’t want to spoil anyone.  Hint: it rhymes with “laceless Roman.”

Source Creative


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I am so achy

waiting for the world to come back to me

or for me to come back to the world

No one to tell these stories to

only others’ stories to tell

No way of telling where

or how

these things will always ever end up

Cotton field panorama

excerpt from FOR ORTS
by Ander Monson

I think of sex & of Godzilla with the wake of detritus that trails behind
his fiery gaze—millions of extension cords, telephone line & fiber (think
cereal, think sincere & serial addictions; repeat) optic cable (so hot,
that Godzilla, that I can dial him up, that I can give into
his new sex games, that big-ass monster Yes). I am so tight
I cannot speak. This yes this rash of it this gush. Reply, then rinse.
Repeat. I think of cream & a monster foot set down on it & thus
it is in me. I am this print fossilized in Nivea. I wait to be filled in
with whatever comes next. I hope it looks like love.

Something about jellyfish

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I just like this.

Ben Grace

Ben Grace

No excuses.

Size matters. Yep, yep, yep.

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Randall Brown, writer, editor, educator, and general connoisseur of all things flash fiction, has founded a new site dedicated to making all tiny (written) things count. There are daily features that include prompts, crafting advice, a weekly guest blogger on flash fiction topics, interviews, and a Sunday micro-fiction feature. An authors page lists writers with links to their blog or website, plus a representative story. Though just getting off the ground, is already informative, exciting, and chock full of micro, mini, flashly goodnesses. I suggest you check it.


Wee models

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David Shrigley

David Shrigley

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