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|||||teers your|||||heart,

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Mungo Millenium, Best of (+ bonus new image and link)

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The last 6 months of 2009, anyway. It’s a young blog.

Post-Civil War Re-enactment
Not Really*
It really is a lion

The goddam regrets
How poets die

Things to do on a plinth
Things like other things
Girl World

Some strange gravity
Maybe crying

We are in love
It’s nothing, nothing at all

Lucia, Luis, and the Wolf
Easter Rabbit is here
Also, eggs

I wanted to fuck a robot
I cried once when snow stopped falling
Somewhere graphite grey
A fastening

A fastening

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Doris Cross

words support words, even as a column is built of mortar and stones —Doris Cross

Wound Man

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Remember how we used to annotate things?

We annotated everything. All the time. Our friends would say you guys, always annotating.

What happened?

Extreme taxidermy + to did list

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  • sent off a manuscript
    cleaned out a closet
    ate a bag of chips
    craved solitude

Rope Nose

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West of Dodge Poem 58

Easter Rabbit is here

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Viscerally exquisite. Publishing Genius has taken care to do justice to Christine Sajecki‘s amazing artwork for the cover, not to mention Joseph Young‘s words inside. Feels good, cool to the touch, nice raised lettering. This is a wonderful thing to own.

As I mentioned before, Adam Robinson has made a dare to read this book in one sitting– “whoever reads the 3,000 words in one sitting, can email me for a full refund. My thinking is that the stories satiate after reading three or four, overwhelm after seven or eight.” I’m taking him up on it now, 1:33 PM PST. Will post when finished.

I will post comments as I go, though not too directly about the texts, and I don’t want to spoilerize anyone.

“It was impossible to understand, the humid cloud of words.”

Wonder about extra credit for reading the same ones again and again.

Cartogram feels exactly like the best kind of travelling.

Oh, Light of No Understanding.

The Gossipers seems complete, perfect.

–Finished Easter Rabbit at 2:20 PM PST. Not sure what to say that does justice, that doesn’t seem trite, or flippant. Just that these writings do what art does, encompass the familiar, the emotion of everyday life fully and without artifice. A pan in the snow, a quarter on the back of a hand– I had no idea such things could make me feel so much.

Easter Rabbit also includes 2 more collections, Deep Falls and God Not Otherwise. I’m on to Deep Falls now.

Disclose/Agape together with Moses just blows me away.

–Finished Deep Falls. This is a cohesive place/relationship narrative paced in micros. Imagistic, harsh, lovely, all that. Really good.

God Not Otherwise

–Some certainties, with an interlude. Excellence.

and 5  lines about Baltimore as intense as the rest of the book combined.

Finis, 2:50 PM PST.

It’s nothing, nothing at all

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And I always thought that the simplest words
Must be enough. That when I say how things are
Everyone’s heart must be torn to shreds. —Bertolt Brecht

Eye of Science: SARS virus particles

SARS virus particles

So we ask, what’s the point? Who cares? And this is where it’s hard to explain, to justify. Very good haiku, and excellent microfiction, they bloom in the mind, you read them and a rose of apprehension spreads through the head, across the synaptic spaces. Their meaninglessness opens up possibility, a grasp of chance and luck that is nearly impossible to explain. It’s a view of the void that is filled brim-full with nothing, like the spaces left out of a sculpture, the women of Henry Moore. It’s nothing, nothing at all. It’s a chrysanthemum blooming, two people arguing about a dog. —Joseph Young

There’s no doubt a deep psychological explanation for the fascination of the hole. —Henry Moore

Easter at Christmas

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This moved me:

As does everything from Joseph Young.

Publishing Genius is offering a couple of promotions for his book, Easter Rabbit. For the next five pre-orders, they’ll send out Matthew Simmons‘s book, A Jello Horse, which I haven’t read, but sounds pretty good. It might be too late for this, I don’t know. I don’t even know if I ordered in time or not.

The other deal is a dare. They dare you to read all 3K words of Easter Rabbit in one sitting, and if you can do it, you get your money back. That’s it. Just do it, tell them you did it, plus 50 words of what you thought of it all (which they’ll post on their site) and you get your money back. They think you can’t do it, because, according to publisher Adam Robinson, “It’s too long, even though it’s so short.”

I believe him, but I’m a sucker for a dare. So we’ll see.

cover art by Christine Sajecki

cover art by Christine Sajecki

The speed of light is the right speed

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Attila! by Short Hand