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Shield your eyes

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This manipulated photo shows the effects of sunlight on the health of the body.


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Eric Tan

We don’t walk so badly

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Okinawa Soba - Collodoin Emulsion Photo on Glass from OLD JAPAN

Excursion into the Mountains
Franz Kafka

“I don’t know,” I cried without a sound, “I just don’t know. If nobody comes, then nobody comes. I have not done anyone any harm, nobody has done me any harm, but nobody wants to help me. Absolutely nobody. But really it is not this way. Just that nobody helps me — otherwise absolutely nobody would be fine. I would really like — and why not? — to make an excursion in the company of absolutely nobody. Into the mountains of course, where else? How these nobodies press against each other, all these arms, crossed and entangled, all these feet, separated by tiny steps! It is understood that everyone is in tails. We don’t walk so badly, and the wind moves through the gaps that we and our limbs leave open. In the mountains throats become free! It’s a wonder we don’t sing.”

trans. by Kevin Blahut
published by Twisted Spoon Press

Such divisions of promise

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A Visual Guide to Apples at

All Particular Wishes

Discussing the weather,
we were careful to be inexact
in the smallest particulars.

Carefully, too, we packed
in newspaper the fragile
mountains I had decided
to take with me– Kawa Karpo,
Cerro Toro, Kailash,
exquisite Fuji, Mount Meru–

Except that’s impossible. We
couldn’t have done that. Mountains
are so big, and there is not enough
newspaper in the world. Really,
what I want to say is, such divisions of
promise are preposterous, you might as
well peel the bark off the trees or
tear the bricks from the house, you will
still be hungry, you will not be full.

Which I know because I know someone who did that once.

by Cami Park

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