Cami Park

This one’s for you, Kid

In Celebrity, Poetry, Prose on July 15, 2010 at 10:46 am

Your Dog Dies
Raymond Carver

it gets run over by a van.
you find it at the side of the road
and bury it.
you feel bad about it.
you feel bad personally,
but you feel bad for your daughter,
about the dog getting run over by a van
and how you looked after it,
took it out into the woods
and buried it deep, deep,
and that poem turns out so good
you’re almost glad the little dog
was run over, or else you’d never
have written that good poem.
then you sit down to write
a poem about writing a poem
about the death of that dog,
but while you’re writing you
hear a woman scream
your name, your first name,
both syllables,
and your heart stops.
after a minute, you continue writing.
she screams again.
you wonder how long this can go on.

I’m sorry, rollerfink. Kid was the best. He’s with Corey Haim (Rambo’s Little Brother!) now.

  1. sad but lovely story,
    a pet is like a friend or a family members…
    thank you for sharing!

  2. vivid image, enjoyed the tense emotions in the package!

  3. I love this poem. It’s got a strong hook. Thank you!

  4. Raymond Carver was anything but maudlin.

  5. Dog death is Hell. Bloody Hell. This is not the first time damn a good poem begins at the gates of Inferno.

  6. I’m sorry, Roy. I’ve been thinking of your doggie, too.

  7. Thanks, Cami. She had a good life, and good a death at home with several dear friends gathered around, among whom was the vet I have known since she graduated from vet school. We had a burial in the little Redwood grove at the back of the yard where i sometimes nap upon a hammock on summer nights. Last night a fox came through the yard.

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