Cami Park


In Confessional, How to, Music on March 13, 2010 at 9:40 pm

Chinchilla is one of the most costly and fragile of furs, and is best suited to a brunette with a good complexion.

It’s upsetting.

  1. christ!¬!!!¬!¬

  2. My grandmother had four or five of them. They lived in cages in in a shed in my grandmother’s backyard in Phoenix. They were so cute. They liked to take dust baths, tumbling and kicking in the dust, making it fly. My grandmother would set a pan with some special dust in it in their cage. They took such joy in the dust. It was good for the fur, my grandmother said. I was so young. Maybe Four. Maybe five. No one told me a thing about the coats, or do i remember if she gave them names.

  3. I have one– they are about the most fun, easiest to take care of, most inexpensive, softest pets anyone can have. Chinchillas are awesome.

  4. Oh, good, then you can tell me his or her name.

  5. Good name. Instills old superpower confidence.

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