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In Confessional, Photography, Poetry on January 14, 2010 at 12:41 am

I love what Ana Carrete is doing with her soon-to-expire domain– soliciting poems about expiring, to be posted until the lights go out. She has 17 excellent poems so far, by folks like Adam Coates, Rollerfink, Brittany Wallace, Thomas Patrick Levy, P. Edward Cunningham, Crispin Best; etc., and wants more, so send her something, for the sake of having your work crumble to virtual dust on a schedule. I’m going to.

Some (soon to be dead) links to selected quotes from the poems, after the jump:

your tongue uttering a tender gravewe always finish the orange juiceany excuse pretending I’m the thing I suck from/Is welcomedyou can paint my nails you can do that if you wanti will remember this day/but not always¿ defileI realize my throat is a slopholeDot: the only virtuous element