Cami Park

Laughs already like a bear

In Art, How to, Poetry on January 5, 2010 at 7:52 pm

Giving Birth
Mary de Rachewiltz

Now She knows what it feels like
24 hours of it & all for a mere girl
when She had expected a male heir.
Has seen so far only the hands &
they are beautiful—laughs already
like a bear, wrapped as a Della Robbia
infant in glazed porcelain on the cornice
of the Loggia degli Innocenti.

Nobody thought of the bottle
nor told her to put a drop of honey
on her teat as She saw the nurse do
when It sucked voraciously.
He better come if He wants to and see
what’s left of It—will hardly survive
another week—& to find a name for It
is his job. I call It Contrary.

Thus entered the world at loggerheads.

  1. That picture is haunting. I have that book, the folio of wax figures by Clemente Susini at La Specola. I used it for life drawings when I was in art school. It’s an amazing book.

  2. Oh, I can’t believe you have the book! It took me some time to find proper attribution for the photo– it came first from a random posting somewhere. It is amazing, the hands, the cuffs, the sensibility of it.

  3. I bought it in the olden days. Before you were born. The 70s.
    I mean *cackle*

  4. Apparently there’s a comic book now, called “The Spitzner Museum’s Wax Woman,” but nobody can seem to find it in real life, no matter when they were born–

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