Cami Park

I wanted to fuck a robot

In Film, Poetry, Sex on December 23, 2009 at 8:30 am

So you want to be an astronaut
Rebecca Loudon

what hoodoo did you encounter
in the swamp
prying open shells with your hook
grip tight enough to turn a flywheel
six hash marks today
track your compulsion
slake your blue-
veined Jesus

clouds puckered from the north
at Yaquina Head steam rising
a constant foot-deep howl
I examined my body in hotel mirrors
that was my job across the country
Oregon Idaho Montana Illinois Virginia
coffee and a compass
my hair shorn
rolled whiskey in chloroform
worshipped your tongue’s pink pelt
holy holy holy
hot wet cloth pressed to a boil
on my pudendum

I wanted to fuck a robot
have him lurch above me
metallic thumb inside
his nictating lens
hey rube hey rube
I danced in a whirlygig dress
sea smell throbbing up

let’s fly in an aeroplane no storm but the Perseids
zip above the James River while all the tweeters
in the meadow tweet holy holy holy
lifted by a spaceship that proves
the great inconvenience of love
green lights spraying underneath
your metal thumbs
your Duchenne smile

Vodpod videos no longer available.

They have voices like human beings, but their roars are proverbs.
Henry Darger

  1. Heeheheee. I do love this poem. Thank you.
    Rebecca Giant Ego

  2. It’s fucking gorgeous.

  3. robots and space and dancing in whirlygig dresses. doesn;t get much better than that.

  4. Deep play and perverse desire all at once!

  5. Jeeze! Youse guys are making me feel like Christmas! Thank you.
    *throws kisses*

  6. Dear Rollerblossom Underpants, your blog is absolutely terrific!

  7. thank you rebecca “low down” loudon

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