Cami Park

Check London

In Art, Music, Travel on November 14, 2009 at 5:41 am

London I: Infusing Electric Flesh into my Ani-meme Wax Museum  [thru a Critical Pineal Eye]

Derek White, mural, Hoxton/Shoreditch

i thought about going in to the Salvador Dali museum, but again, 17 quid to get in & it looked like some half-ass private collection trying to cash in on the wax museum spillovers…London is definitely touristy, like the real campy Times Square/Jeckyl & Hyde shit but even more tasteless & widespread…attractions/rides dedicated to medieval atrocities or the black plague or torture or dead celebrities, etc…& everything cost money…& has lines of eastern European tourists spilling out the doors…crossed over Westminster bridge, saw Westminster Abbey…then over to Buckingham palace…just happened to see the changing of guards, i guess, where the guards come & switch places, right? wasn’t that exciting & they weren’t wearing those tall furry hats…walked into Hyde park…then cut back into the West End…through Mayfair [rich & uppity] up to Oxford street…lots of big name stores, like a 5th avenue, but crappier…up into Marylebone…then down into Soho…


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