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Dzanc all* Best of the Web in one place nominees – cont’d.

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“Dawn’s raw scraping awful when you’ve become a mollusk without a shell again.”

Lee Ann Roripaugh, Sleepless Graffiti
Mira Martin-Parker, Flesh Eater
Travis Brown, Bobwhite

Blue Fifth Review
“You read yourself from cover to cover.”

George Moore, Survivor Tactics
Eileen Tabios, Alchemy at the Maykadeh: Dinner with Philip Lamantia
Yun Wang, Meditation on Hair

“She grasps my hands when I kiss her shoulder. As she responds she recites the recipe for cooking pork with honey. Use honey from Alaska, she insists.”

Nirmala Pillai, The Killing
Jason Lee, 45 Belgrave Square
Surajit Chakravarty, Taste

The Chimaera
“The battle of Ivy League sweatshirts/was raging behind us.”

Jennifer Reeser, Sonnet 23 from The Dark Lady
Rick Mullin, Distraction
Geoff Page, Seeing People

““I like your toes,” she says. “They’re like a frog’s—bigger at the tip, you know. Your feet smell.” ”

Jeannie Galeazzi, Aeronauts
Stefan Kiesbye, Home
Jessa Marsh, My Motel Week

Emprise Review
“I burned the sacraments.”

Michelle Reale, Snow Blind
Steven J. McDermott, Wheel Clatter
Barbara Yien, If You See Buddha On The Road, Kill Him

The Flea
“Hasn’t there been enough of dropping/The quarter hours and the whole in chimes?”

Stephen Edgar, Vertigo
Marly Youmans, Clock of the Moon and Stars
Mark Allinson, Hydrangeas

kill author
“He kisses me and it feels like a car crash.”

J. A. Tyler, jimmy and his Father and the Ways About Them
Emma J. Lannie, Proxy
Audri Sousa, you kept repeating the same patterns that alienate me so i went away from you and reenacted us with plastic bottles while the lesbian ghost tried to have sex with me

“I think probably all past decades have some major drawback or another, but it seems like any of them would be fine to visit as a tourist.”

Meg Pokrass, What the Doctor Ordered
Angi Becker Stevens, If Everything is Inevitable
Dallas Woodburn, Numb

“Wrap your arms around me so I feel how small I am.”

Lauren Becker, You Should Know
Steven J. McDermott, Sliver
Brandi Wells, Instructional

“My chest is a guitar hole/and I’m jacking up the music until the windows break.”

Jo Scott-Coe, Not So Gay at the YMCA
Diane Seuss, Baby goodbye
Lafayette Wattles, Soup Kitchen

Shit Creek Review
“Urgency clings like a silken lining against the air.”

Janice D. Soderling, After the Funeral
Timothy Murphy, Prayer for a Horseman
Michael Cantor, Death Watch

Sweet: A Literary Confection
“the air barely brushing the trees//the way you might touch the hair of someone/you loved once”

Geoff Schmidt, Otis and Jake
Jason Tucker, Kudzu Got Angry
Tim Seibles, 4am

Thirst For Fire
“The cleaning lady steps off the bus and thinks, “That man’s voice sounds the way shoe polish smells.””

Gregg Williard, Cleaning Lady
Nate Innomi, The Frame Maker
Will Spires, The Wall (on Which She Hangs)


Dzanc all* Best of the Web in one place nominees

In List, Poetry, Prose on November 1, 2009 at 12:07 am


Annalemma Magazine
“I may not know how I want my hair cut, or how I want Matt Mitcham to get me off, but I sure as hell know what I don’t want to be, and generally that’s whatever you tell me I am.”

Sam Nam, If I Could Lend Him My Words
Meg Pokrass, The Big Dipper
Tim Jones-Yelvington, Seducing Matt Mitcham

Bartleby Snopes
“I’ll pass through small towns God has abandoned, where the stoplights work, but traffic is frozen.”

Richard Santos, Membrane
Richard Osgood, Slow Motion Riders
Howie Good, Ghosts of Breath

Everyday Genius
“Certain prayers are designed specifically for the drunk on the street.”

Cindy Loehr, Shrub Prayer
Laura Ellen Scott, The Temple Dog
Joseph Young, Galaxy

“My bones hollow/for the sight of another woman.”

Laura L. Snyder, The Telling Signs
Paula Ray, Where Wild Poisonous Mushrooms Grow
Mary Belardi Erickson, Blossoms & Jam, Maybe Wine

mud luscious
“There is nothing more lonely than to have a person inside you.”

Mike Meginnis, Brother
Molly Gaudry, The Dead Cells of the Day
Sean Lovelace, Meaning of Life #35

No Posit
“our captain/is of pegged leg, parroted shoulder and strong will”

Jeff Crouch, Paper Clips
Joseph Goosey, A Free Over the Phone Consultation
Jason Bredle, Moby Dick

No Tell Motel
“Come home, round corner.”

Elizabeth Hildreth, Eating the Future
Jenn Koiter, Ghazal, with Accessories
Joanna Ruocco, When I Worked for Madonna

Pangur Ban Party
“Toes in my hands, my mean face stops.”

Adam Moorad, The Nurse And The Patient
J. A. Tyler, When We Take Off Our Heads
Sam Pink, Bernhard Goetz

Smokelong Quarterly
“I found his room I said his name, Doctor.”

Z.Z. Boone, Rats
Mary Hamilton, Me and Theodore Are Trapped in the Trunk of the Car with Rags in Our Mouths and Tape Around Our Wrists and Ankles, Please Let Us Out.
Sam Nam, I Use Commas Like Ninja Stars
“Stones and people do what they must to find repose.”

Pamela Uschuk, A Short History of Falling
J. David Bell, Positioning
Ben Quick, Lee’s Ferry

Toasted Cheese
“My family was like a kelp bed in which things get trapped but never grow.”

Alan Averill, Things Difficult to Say
Kimberley Idol, Painting Naked
Frank O’Connor, Foolish Creatures

Valparaiso Poetry Review
“And why not, this world has been good to us”

Cornelius Eady, Aretha Franklin’s Inauguration Hat
Claudia Emerson, Ground Truth
Charles Wright, I’ve Been Sitting Here Thinking Back over My Life…

Writers’ Bloc
“Poetry makes me feel like a stunned sea bass.”

Sean Lovelace, Writing, about writing
Jimmy Chen, Check, please?
Thomas Sullivan, Pity Party

“I’m 35 now, and what debt. What debt.”

Rob Woodard, Orange Crush
Sean Patrick Hill, Self-Portrait as George Gisze, Merchant
Molly Gaudry, Gratitude

**to be cont’d