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A rose is most

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Toxicity Inspector - Obey Giant

A rose is most fragrant when it is one-quarter to two-thirds open and has been slightly warmed by morning sun.

In the category of grace, of things undeserved

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via radish king, plus some other things

The purpose of art is not the release of a momentary ejection of adrenaline but is, rather, the gradual, life long construction of a state of wonder and serenity. —Glenn Gould

Early breaking news

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Okay, I should have posted about this a long time ago, but I didn’t. But I still will, anyway, because it’s so good. It’s Scrotal Cash, the featherproof books collection of remixes of Blake Butler‘s crazy-excellent, highly reviewed book, Scorch Atlas. Basically, amazing writers deconstructed, reconstructed, unconstructed and co-destructed the original work into things altogether else, things  innovative, harrowing, beautiful, incredible.

The authors included entered a contest judged by Blake Butler, and they are Matt Bell, Andrew Borgstrom, Jon Cone, Elizabeth Ellen, Brian Evenson, Christopher Higgs, Catherine Lacey, John Madera, Matthew Simmons, J.A. Tyler, and Marcus Whale— and that’s not even including the winner, Krammer Abrahams, whose story brilliantly twists the apocalyptics of Scorch Atlas inside out and applies them to interfamilial dynamics– one family, complete with pets and spare parents, is the atlas, and the devastation is absurd and appalling.

Anyway, it can be downloaded for free from featherproof books, but schemes are afoot to produce and sell limited edition hard copies.  Blake Butler is working to put together some copies for interested parties, and Krammer Abrahams might like to hand-deliver you his own handmade copy, for just $100. If you live in the continental United States, and if there are 10 of you.

Happy Columbus Day!

Historical Smurf

In spite of man, he crumbles

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Song of Solomon 6:10 Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners?


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BEFORE I DIE I WANT TO . . . a polaroid project by nicole kenney and ks rives

Pete Jones’s Canadian Bacon Pizza
Cami Park

1 12-inch unbaked pizza crust
1 cup pizza sauce
2/3 cup mozzarella cheese
6 oz chopped Canadian bacon
1/2 cup thinly sliced mushrooms
1 small green or red bell pepper, seeded and sliced
1/2 tsp crushed dried oregano
1/2 tsp crushed dried basil
crushed red pepper flakes

Get off the couch. Shuffle into the kitchen. Read note on refrigerator, and gather together pizza crust, pizza sauce, hunk of mozzarella cheese, package of Canadian bacon, pint of mushrooms, and oregano, basil, and red pepper flakes. Take forever to find the damn pepper. Wonder if a yellow one would have been okay too.

Read recipe again. Pick up cheese and put it down again. Read package of Canadian bacon. Try to figure out how to get 6 oz from the 10 oz package. Open it up and eat some. Sigh heavily. Poke at the mushrooms. They look dirty. Pick up the damn pepper and turn it over and over again in your hand. What the hell is seeded?

Stare dumbly at it all for a moment. Call Domino’s.

Prep time: 1 hour. Feeds Pete.

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It’s nothing, nothing at all

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And I always thought that the simplest words
Must be enough. That when I say how things are
Everyone’s heart must be torn to shreds. —Bertolt Brecht

Eye of Science: SARS virus particles

SARS virus particles

So we ask, what’s the point? Who cares? And this is where it’s hard to explain, to justify. Very good haiku, and excellent microfiction, they bloom in the mind, you read them and a rose of apprehension spreads through the head, across the synaptic spaces. Their meaninglessness opens up possibility, a grasp of chance and luck that is nearly impossible to explain. It’s a view of the void that is filled brim-full with nothing, like the spaces left out of a sculpture, the women of Henry Moore. It’s nothing, nothing at all. It’s a chrysanthemum blooming, two people arguing about a dog. —Joseph Young

There’s no doubt a deep psychological explanation for the fascination of the hole. —Henry Moore

Their dreams they dreamed awake

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an elephant‘s eyes smile –
mountain cherry blossoms

Gas Town

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The Dark

The Dark

Love & Peace & Bar

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Kim Laughton

Kim Laughton

“For years I had recorded hours of tapes of my teenage band, prank phone calls, studio demo tapes, synthesizer blurbles, and various recordings of an unusual nature. I wanted all this hard work to be heard, and I loved distributing my tapes simply to annoy people and sometimes even to enlighten or entertain them . . . It was my response to a world that seems always to have told me that I am small and worthless. Putting out music for the hell of it was my way of giving the finger to a universe indifferent to my existence.” —John Trubee, from You Too Can Be a Recording Star!

Easter at Christmas

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This moved me:

As does everything from Joseph Young.

Publishing Genius is offering a couple of promotions for his book, Easter Rabbit. For the next five pre-orders, they’ll send out Matthew Simmons‘s book, A Jello Horse, which I haven’t read, but sounds pretty good. It might be too late for this, I don’t know. I don’t even know if I ordered in time or not.

The other deal is a dare. They dare you to read all 3K words of Easter Rabbit in one sitting, and if you can do it, you get your money back. That’s it. Just do it, tell them you did it, plus 50 words of what you thought of it all (which they’ll post on their site) and you get your money back. They think you can’t do it, because, according to publisher Adam Robinson, “It’s too long, even though it’s so short.”

I believe him, but I’m a sucker for a dare. So we’ll see.

cover art by Christine Sajecki

cover art by Christine Sajecki