Cami Park

Questions About Life and Shit

In Confessional, Poetry, Prose on September 10, 2009 at 12:21 am
bureau de books

I received a preview of Questions About Life and Shit today, which as of now can be pre-ordered from Bureau de Books. It’s filled with poetry (including one from ME) and short prose, each titled as a question. There’s no table of contents with the title lined up with the author in the proof I read, so I’m going to put one here, for you, and for me.

Jessica Maybury, The Earth is Filled With Violence?
Cami Park, Where is Cyrano?
Greg Gerke, Vincent and Theo (and Murray?)
Ani Smith, Can I Offer You a Refresher?
J. A. Tyler, Am I How This Is?
Chris East, Do You Want to Live With Me in My Parent’s Basement?
Sariya Iman Ikoye, Illegible Emotion/If the Meaning of Life Is to Find the Meaning of Life What Does This Mean; Is it Like ‘The Joke Is There Is No Joke’ or ‘The Point Is There Is No Point’ or Something?
Ben Brooks, What Are We?
Jimmy Chen, Who Has the Key to the Lactation Room?
Andrew Borgstrom, Whose Goddam Oatmeal is This?
Sam Pink, Is There a Way Not to Sweat While Sleeping?
Ninian Doff, Why Are You Bleeding Every Morning When We Wake Up?
Dollar Money, Who Is Mark Wahlberg?
Catherine Maskell, Congratulations, When’s It Due?
Crispin Best, What Are the Side Effects of Birth Control?
John Oldham, Where Do You Want to Go Today?
Vaughan Simons, Are You Lookin’ at My Bird?
Josh Kleinberg, What Will We Do Tonight?
DJ Berndt, When Will I Finally Die?

Okay, there’s much good stuff in here. My favorites were Ani Smith, Jimmy Chen, Andrew Borgstrom, Crispin Best, and Josh Kleinberg, but everyone’s favorites will be different in such an eclectic, well-edited collection. Greg Gerke is funny, Ninian Doff is sexy and mysterious, Sam Pink is weird and whimsical, DJ Berndt is absurdly existential, and Chris East is rueful as shit. I am line-broken in the wrong places, but okay otherwise. Thank you for asking.

    books, yeah!
    Good work everybody

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