Cami Park

Such divisions of promise

In How to, Nutrition, Poetry on September 4, 2009 at 1:33 am

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All Particular Wishes

Discussing the weather,
we were careful to be inexact
in the smallest particulars.

Carefully, too, we packed
in newspaper the fragile
mountains I had decided
to take with me– Kawa Karpo,
Cerro Toro, Kailash,
exquisite Fuji, Mount Meru–

Except that’s impossible. We
couldn’t have done that. Mountains
are so big, and there is not enough
newspaper in the world. Really,
what I want to say is, such divisions of
promise are preposterous, you might as
well peel the bark off the trees or
tear the bricks from the house, you will
still be hungry, you will not be full.

Which I know because I know someone who did that once.

by Cami Park

How to Make a Newspaper Juggling Club

  1. plus, what if it rains.

  2. Are you going to be Tow Dads from nwo on?

  3. “Careful to be inexact.” That’s great…

  4. Thanks, Eric!

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