Cami Park


In Art, Film, Prose on September 2, 2009 at 9:45 pm

con⋅tra⋅pun⋅tal [kon-truh-puhn-tl] – composed of two or more relatively independent melodies sounded together.

Elizabeth Murray "Empire"

Elizabeth Murray "Empire"

“Jorif offers us a contrapuntal approach to the usual history of slavery and law in early modern America. . . . We are more often engaged in arguments over whether an action is just than over whether an injustice has been done. Jorif’s study. . . . gives us a new handle on this problem by positing, among his observations, that the community that arises out of, or coalesces around, acts of loving forgiveness are just in ways that the law never approaches.” – Prof. Jon-Christian Suggs, review of How Slave Narratives Influenced American Literature by Rolando Leodore Jorif

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