Cami Park

Fainted ironic librarian

In Confessional, Opinion, Poetry on August 23, 2009 at 5:38 am

I dreamed I fainted, which woke me up. Now I can’t decide if dreaming you’re fainting is ironic or serendipitous.  I’m pretty sure the waking up part is ironic.

I got two books of poetry by Rebecca Loudon in the mail. I won’t review them when I’m finished, because I already know that they are wonderful.

I feel a child should follow and stick with their first instincts. Mine was to become a librarian. I am a frustrated librarian.

A Visit to Kyoto's Sanzen-in Temple

  1. WOOT!

    I hope you love them.


  2. I read Amelia Earhart today, once through, and paged through it many other times randomly. I did love it, so layered and thrumming.

  3. I like how your blog is formatted.

    • Thanks, Brandi. I think it suits– I almost switched once, but none of the formats really worked, for once reason or another.

  4. Thank you, so very much. I always worry. I am totally neurotic about someone reading my books and not liking them though I don’t care if they receive bad reviews.

    If you own 2 books, you can put them on a shelf and maybe loan them to people then you will in fact be a librarian.

    • Excellent idea. I’ll have to paste in a little paper pocket to put a card in for people’s names.

      I used to have book parties regularly– where everybody would bring books they didn’t want anymore and put them with the other books other people didn’t want anymore and take away books that other people didn’t want anymore. I guess that’s a very librarian party to throw. They were an inordinate amount of fun.

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