Cami Park

A good Saturday

In Poetry, Prose, T-shirt on August 15, 2009 at 1:15 am

Okay, so The Collagist opened today, and it looks great and has great writing (I particularly liked the particular poem Autumn Scene as Lullaby, by Oliver de la Paz), which is all well and good.

But Saturday is Abjective day, and Eric Beeny‘s story this week, Milk Like a Melted Ghost,  is no exception. To being a story in Abjective on Saturday, I mean. Another one that makes me realize how original combinations of words and sentences and paragraphs can be.  An example: Little yellow birds flew out of their shells, she fell to her knees, the birds flying around her head, a locked cage. This image is going to be flying around my head for some time, I think.

Something else, though– Kim Chinquee has 3 stories in The Collagist, one of which very coincidentally has a connection with Eric Beeny’s Abjective story. I won’t say exactly what, because I don’t want to spoil anyone.  Hint: it rhymes with “laceless Roman.”

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  1. Hi, Cami. Thanks for the kind words. This connection is strange. Here’s another: Kim Chinquee was actually my professor last year…

  2. Okay, but if next you tell me you two were separated at birth and you both have an inordinate liking for show tunes and put cinnamon on everything, I will freak.

  3. No, nothing like that, I’m sure.

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